Strength Tested Ultra Safe Yoga Wheel

$59.99 $106.40

Find it difficult to strike those challenging poses?

It's super frustrating, we know!

We used to fall behind in class as well when our small muscles were less strong.

But now, you can train your core and stabilator muscles with this Yoga Wheel!

Our Yoga Wheel provides much needed support when attempting harder poses.

Especially inversions, where we activate muscles that are less often used.

Doing the upward bow on your own isn't going to be a problem once you've had this wheel for a couple of weeks!

The wheel is made of high quality ABS plastic capable of withstanding 120kg of weight.

Coated with a wood oak Mandala design, it will not look out of place in any class.

By lying on it, you'll be able to open up your chest, shoulders and lower back so you get a full stretch that would not be possible on the floor. 

It can also function as a stretching aid after your yoga workout.

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