Crystal Singing Pyramid

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Are you looking for an instrument to aid you with your meditation?

Distractions can take you off on your meditation and you will need something to keep you grounded. Something to keep your focus like a harmonious sound ringing in your ear.

A singing pyramid when played, send out waves that impact the body with harmonious and relaxing healing feelings.

Made from the purest, optically clear quartz; the crystal pyramids combine the power of pure sound with the strength of sacred geometry. Crystal Singing Pyramid Therapy activates the chakras and heightens the senses. As chakras are stimulated, both mental and physical blockages begin to clear.

Harnessing Earth energy and drawing in cosmic energy through the apex, manifestation, keeping food fresh, grounding energy in a room, magnify thought, form and intention, creating peaceful, grounded energy, connecting with guides and angels, healing the body, clearing subtle channels of energy, emotional cleansing.

This instrument is a 3-inch clear quartz crystal singing pyramid including a suede mallet and a red rope.

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