Crystal Lucky Tree

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Need a Feng Shui item to create positive energy in your home or office?

Feng shui seeks to promote prosperity, good health, and general well being by examining how energy (qi) flows through a particular room, house, building, or garden.

The Money Tree is also called the “Good Luck Tree” and is an age-old token of good luck and an invitation to good fortune. It is the most popular plant for "Feng Shui" because it creates positive energy

The Crystal Lucky Tree is a powerful tree of abundance. It will help you attract wealth and prosperity, success, and all good things.

Place it in the living room to bring you money and lots of luck. It is also said to improve career luck as well as an excellent Feng Shui Figurine for those who are in managerial positions.

You can choose from an array of colored crystals in a golden colored pot.

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