Chakra Stones Wind Chimes

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Need energy and balance restored in your home?

Most form of energy is brought about by the wind through your doors or windows. Traditional wind chimes are designed to welcome these unpredictable winds.

Filter the energies and bring in balance and nourishment into your home with the healing Feng Shui powers of different crystal stones and chakra chimes that combine color and sound.

The stones are natural and each piece is unique. 7 Crystal Stones include Rock Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Yellow Fluorite, Fluorite, Red Jasper

Mixed Color Windchimes, Agate Windchimes, Garden Decor, Patio Decor, Outdoor Chimes, Agate Slice, Home Decor. Make the calm and beautiful sound of music linger through your home or workplace with this beautiful sliced Agate wind chime. Perfect for patio, backyard or on the top of the window sill.

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