Steel Tongue Drum

Need an instrument to inspire you with your meditation?

Something than help you with your healing meditation and can soothe and relax your mind and your body as you create beautiful sound?

The steel tongue drum is a unique drum that can be focused on the tones associated with our Chakras. The notes on these chakra drums are sequenced with the musician in mind making it easy to play beautiful melodies.

It can relieve stress, calm anxiety, bring the body into balance, reduce pain, enhance relaxation, increase good karma and remove negative energy, promote better sleep, encourage better behavior in children, and help people recover from trauma and illness.

You can choose among 5 colors of the product which is a 13cm diameter, 7 tone steel tongue drum and it comes with 2 mallets and a drum bag.

If you want the product delivered right to your doorstep, press the "add to cart" button now and fill in the necessary details to order.

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