Buddha Statue Zen Garden

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Need inner peace amidst the vicious circle of our busy lives?

There has to be something that gives us a moment of peace such as recreating nature and its wellness.

The Zen Garden is a great way to find inner peace. Be it your home or your workstation at the office, thus makes a great companion for meditating.

The sand represents the ocean, while the stones represent the mountains. The raft can be utilized to organize the sacred zen garden where you can relive all the pressure and mental confusion. The peaceful energy will bring balance to your busy life and help you relax.

You can appreciate the ancient tradition and enjoy the inner calmness through the construction of your own Zen garden with the burning incense. It can also be utilized as a geomantic or wedding gift for friends. It is also a very good decoration for home, hotel, and yoga club.

Included in the package are:
1 15cm x 22cm Wooden base
1 Small Buddha statue
1 Rake
1 Incense burner
2 Stone wax
Incense, pebbles and white sand

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