Why You Should Totally Listen To Your Higher Self

As for those who are new to this "Higher Self", it is basically consciousness live in your body that is assigned by God to guide you along your way in life. It could be a spirit, angel, or fairy. You may not see them with your own eyes but you can feel them when you are in peace. They will guide you through your questions without leading you to do bad things. 

Your Higher Self can be a subconscious voice in your mind to tell you to stop doing it or bad vibes. Some times when your hair stands for no reason, it means that your Higher Self is protecting you and want you to avoid such a situation. 

However, if you decided to do it and ended up in a bad outcome, it is your ego who is doing it. Ego is yourself that thinks logically with your left brain, and not with feelings with your right brain. This is also one of the reasons why some people claim that they cannot feel their "Higher Self" or its just a fraud. This is the same when you have a good and bad teacher. 

In some context, people call "Higher Self" as a guardian angel. Indeed, they guard you against going onto the wrong path and lead you to where you should go. Everyone born on Earth has a different mission from one another. Some are meant to produce food for the rest of the world, some are meant to be a teacher and some are meant to help others. 

You might be wondering how your "Higher Self" is looking like. For most people without any meditating experience or innate spiritual third-eye, it usually looks or feels like a ball of light. When you get into meditation with peace of your mind, you can slowly see how your "Higher Self" actually look like. Everyone's "Higher Self" is different from one another so there is no need to feel different from others. 

In order to reach this point to see your "Higher Self", the far most important thing that you have to do is to have faith in yourself and your "Higher Self" who will reveal itself to you.

Here are some instructions that I have been personally using (Note: Some people may use different approach so there is no definite way of doing this.):

  1. Close your eyes, sit or lie down comfortably and take a long deep breath rhythmically.
  2. Remember to have faith in yourself and "Higher Self" such as believing that they have been always there.
  3. Use your mind to tell your "Higher Self" that you want to see them and you have finally known that they have been there for you.
  4. If you do see them, have a chat with them casually because they know every bit of you already. There is nothing to be shy of.
  5. If you do not see them, imagine a ball of light and recognize it as your Higher Self. Unless you probably know how they look like, you can visualize them that way (e.g. angel, person, god..)

Some people may not get it at first. You may need to do it a few more times before your "Higher Self" sends you clearer signals. 

You may want to add your favorite mudra as you do this. Some of us may prefer some mudras that fit their mind, spirit, and body.

So let me know about your results and see if you did get it!