What Is Actually The Real Meaning Of Yoga?

Many people think that it is a form of stretching exercise but, in fact, it is actually not. Think about this... The main point of you taking yoga is to make your body more flexible or the mind? 

Despite how many stretching you do, it could only release a bit of your body tension and return again the next day. The reason being is that your mind and body have to be connected. If your mind is filled with pollutions, no matter how many stretches you do, the pollution will return to your body and ache at the same place.

This has some sort to do with your chakra. For those who are not very familiar with chakra, these are energy that is inside you and they are separated by 7 colors. They are in fact the colors that you see on the rainbow.

Every color is affected by different emotion and physical pain. If you have shoulder ache (which is green color, Heart Chakra), it means that you have heartbreaks from your loved ones. By doing stretching exercises, it will not help your heart to be healed. 

To be exact, you have to align those emotions and actions together. You need to let go of what is hurting you. Emotion is the choice of yours, not the one who hurt you. They may be the cause of your negative emotion, but the one who allows the emotion to control the body is you. For example, when someone left for good, pick an emotion to gentle, soft and loving to yourself (your body and mind). This is how you can release yourself from suffering.

After that, do movements that your body enjoys such as stretching. This time this stretch is a different thing because you are healing your mind and particular body part together. With a few more yoga classes, you will be able to release yourself from these sufferings. 

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